July 2016

I love podcasts!

I'm a person who can't seem to do just one thing at at a time.  When I'm watching TV or movie with friends or family, I've got something in my hands all the time--a bit of wire, a pen and notebook filled with doodles.  When I'm doing laundry or washing dishes, I've usually got music blaring and I'm singing along (loudly. Sorry, neighbors!).

Meet the help!

Is this the picture of an internship, an apprenticeship, or some cruel form of slave labor?  The answer probably depends on when and whom you ask, I suppose. The person in question, a day when the boss is particularly busy and frazzled, will likely tell you it's the last of those.

Is it copying, or. . .

If you ever join an art (any art!) or craft forum, you'll find that one of the most frequently discussed topics is copyright infringement.  The discussions range from highly technical, informative posts, to angry rants--often within the same conversation.  But it’s for good reason we talk about it so often.  Copyright infringement is a real problem.