Recognizing Progress

I spend a lot of time on line. I mean, A LOT. I do a lot of my business in Facebook auction groups, and most of my marketing is done through social media, which means I interact with many, many talented jewelry artists, and I see some absolutely jaw-dropping work. It's really easy to look at my own work and feel that it doesn't measure up, that my skills aren't progressing, that I'll never, ever be as good as many of the artists that I see. 

I was in a funk about my skills one day, and an unrelated conversation with a friend led me to look through some old jewelry photos. I don't have pictures of the very beginning of my wire-working journey, but I do have some from fairly early on, when I first started trying to sell online. Pictures like these: 

Now, these aren't bad pieces, exactly, but they're very, very simple. But they represented the very best work I could do at the time.

Fast forward a little bit in time (maybe about a year):

A little more complex, a little more creative. I was learning without the aid of tutorials or classes, just experimenting and figuring out on my own what I could do with wire, very slowly. Baby steps.

After another year: 

I'd made my first hesitant attempt at something really unique. Something just my own. I was really timid about trying new things and getting really creative with wire work; I had an idea in my head there was a "right way" to do these things, and I didn't know what that "right way" was. 

Then I discovered online jewelry communities. I started looking around at all the gorgeous work out there, and I saw some of the amazing things people were doing with wire. I realized I could do so much more than I was doing. I was, at that point, letting others' work inspire me to try new things, rather than intimidate me or discourage me from pushing forward.

In looking through the photos, I can tell the moment I really started to step out of my comfort zone and play with the wire, where I started figuring out what I liked and what I didn't, and where I started to develop my own style. 

Fast forward to now: 

I've come quite a long way from those first wrapped-link pieces and hesitant squiggles. I still have so much to learn. But I think it's important to look back every now and then and see where you've been. To remind yourself of the leaps you took, so that you're not afraid to take more leaps. I'm excited to see where the future leaps take me. 


Anna, I agree wholeheartedly

Anna, I agree wholeheartedly with your post! We tend to be hypercritical of ourselves and our work. Possibly, it's a woman thing. Or an artist thing. I still cringe at calling myself an artist, so there's THAT, too. We are all on a journey to create art that are, in a sense, pieces of ourselves. Just for the record, you make purty stuffs.

Thank you so much. :)

Thank you so much. :)

Recognizing Progress blog

Hi Anna! Thank you so much for sharing your journey as an artist with us. It’s like you read my mind :) I see the fantastic art that is posted and sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to create such beauty. I’ll take your kind words to heart and forge ahead, especially in having the courage to create my own designs.

Thanks so much for the reply,

Thanks so much for the reply, Robin; I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Thank you for sharing!

I'm impressed with how refined your pieces became. Don't get me wrong...the older designs are gorgeous but nothing like what you can do now. Thank you for sharing the progression!

Thank you so much, Marnie!

Thank you so much, Marnie!

Thank you!

I can’t tell you how much I NEEDED this post. Thank you.

You're welcome, and thanks

You're welcome, and thanks for reading! I'm so glad the post resonated with you.

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