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Gem Lore: Garnet

The very first gemstone I could name when I was little was garnet. My family lived at the end of a long gravel drive, and if you were willing to search through piles of random pebbles, you could find little grains of garnet. I spent a fair number of summer afternoons squatting at the side of the drive, sifting through the gravel for garnets. When I got older, Iearned that garnets come in many varieties and colors, but my favorite will always be the deep, glowing red variety I searched for. They hold a pretty special place in my heart, and I love using them in jewelry.

Gem Lore: Amethyst

Celtic Cross with amethyst
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  • The Sacred Spiral Symbol in Jewelry

    When I first started making wire jewelry, one of the first shapes I learned to make was a simple spiral.  You can do so much with it--dangle beads or gems off the bottom for earrings or pendants, use them as links, as part of a clasp, and the list goes on.  It's such a basic part of wire jewelry design that it didn't really occur to me that it could hold a deeper significance for some. But a friend, visiting me and looking through my cache of necklaces and bracelets and earrings, commented on all the spirals I was using.