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Horseshoe (Raindrop) Chain Tutorial

This is the chain portion of the Aveline Bracelet Tutorial, compressed into a pictorial. Very versatile and useful. Enjoy!

Meet the help!

Is this the picture of an internship, an apprenticeship, or some cruel form of slave labor?  The answer probably depends on when and whom you ask, I suppose. The person in question, a day when the boss is particularly busy and frazzled, will likely tell you it's the last of those.

Is it copying, or. . .

If you ever join an art (any art!) or craft forum, you'll find that one of the most frequently discussed topics is copyright infringement.  The discussions range from highly technical, informative posts, to angry rants--often within the same conversation.  But it’s for good reason we talk about it so often.  Copyright infringement is a real problem.

For pity's sake, don't feed the Oops!

There’s a gremlin that follows me around.  He moves my glasses, hides my wallet, takes my keys (he seems to have a special fondness for the key to my mailbox). He’s lived with me for years, since my college days. He lives mostly on caffeine, disorder and procrastination, all of which I generally have in abundance.

Mini-Blog: Workbench Hacks #1

While I was working at my bench tonight, I realized that I have some odd little eccentricities in my work habits (probably other places, too, but that's not the topic here. . .).  I think every crafter or artist probably does.  You know, those little rituals that help you to be more productive, more organized, to save time that you could be using to actually make stuff.  The tricks that make your work just a little easier.