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Gem Lore: Garnet

The very first gemstone I could name when I was little was garnet. My family lived at the end of a long gravel drive, and if you were willing to search through piles of random pebbles, you could find little grains of garnet. I spent a fair number of summer afternoons squatting at the side of the drive, sifting through the gravel for garnets. When I got older, Iearned that garnets come in many varieties and colors, but my favorite will always be the deep, glowing red variety I searched for. They hold a pretty special place in my heart, and I love using them in jewelry.

Gem Lore: Amethyst

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One of the stones I use most frequently in my jewelry is amethyst. Aside from being the birthstone for February, it’s very popular, being both beautiful and affordable. And the rich purples contrast beautifully with the antiqued copper I like to use.  But even outside of jewelry-making, I just love the stone.  And one reason for that is the stories and lore associated with it.