Celtic Cross Pendant Tutorial



Learn to create a beautiful, unique Celtic Cross pendant with this advanced level tutorial from Wynter Creations!  With over 80 full-color, high definition photos and easy-to-follow steps, this tutorial takes you through the design from beginning to end.

This is considered an advanced level tutorial as it utilizes a large number of different techniques, including two types of weaving, shaping frames, spirals and filigree and a unique woven wire bail.  However, intermediate wire workers are encouraged to try it as well.

To complete this tutorial, you'll need:

  • Copper wire, dead soft

    • 18 gauge, 56 cm

    • 16 gauge, 30 cm

    • 26 gauge, 160 cm

    • 28 gauge, 200 cm

  • 10 mm bead

  • Round nose pliers

  • Chain nose pliers

  • Flat nose pliers

  • Wire cutter

  • 10 mm dowel or bail-making pliers

  • 2.5 cm dowel or ring mandrel