Danae Labradorite and Copper Wire Wrap Pendant



Shimmery labradorite in a finely woven copper frame, embellished with swirls and curls of copper wire, the Danae pendant is feminine and unique. This pendant measures 5.5 cm long and 2.5 cm across at the widest point. It comes ready to wear with a vegan-friendly black necklace cord.

In the lore of gemstones and metals, copper is thought to improve circulation and relieve pain. It's associated with the sun and with luck, and is believed to enhance the properties of gemstones.  Labradorite is considered by many to be a stone of transformation; it's thought to protect its wearer, and to balance and cleanse the aura. It's also thought to bring clarity and sharpness to intuition, to help develop spiritual gifts, and to increase confidence.