Meris Amazonite and Apatite Copper Drop Earrings

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Bright blue-green Russian amazonite, accented with the softer aqua color of faceted apatite, nestled into a swirly, feminine teardrop frame. The Meris earrings measure 5 cm (approx. 2 inches) long, and 2 cm (not quite 1 inch) across at the widest point. Solid copper ear wires. 


In the folklore surrounding gemstones and metals, amazonite is sometimes called the Stone of Courage or the Stone of Truth, and is believed to encourage honesty, integrity and bravery. It is thought to aid all levels of communication.  Apatite is thought to aid in mental clarity and to clear and cleanse negativity. It's believed to aid the user in manifesting positive goals and to encourage intellectual growth.  Copper is thought to improve circulation and relieve pain. It's associated with the sun and with luck, and is believed to enhance the properties of gemstones.